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 ‘There are 1006 ways, to tell a single story’

A thousand and one, or a thousand and six? You get the gist.

At Strange Ideas, we love words so much, because words are major tools for making stories, and everybody loves a good story. We understand the potency of words to compel people, but tired vapid words that really mean nothing, don’t achieve this, especially in the times we live in where the average person suffers daily information overload. With every well-crafted headline, tweet or blog post, new customers are birthed.

It’s why we always seek a fresh perspective to tell your stories clearly and effectively as we sell your brand, service or product across all channels. The goal is not to only reach your audiences, but to turn them into your community; not just people who hear your stories and use your service, but people who also care about your brand.

We have a simple illustration for what we mean by ‘fresh perspectives’
How do you sell an oak table? You can sell the oak table, or you can sell the story of the oak tree that became a table. And one will always be more interesting than the other.

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